Hillside Place

Affordable, Independent Senior Apartments in Johnstown, NY

Hillside Place Community Room
Hillside Place Community Room

Affordable, Independent Senior Apartments in Johnstown, NY

Welcome to Hillside Place Apartments.  Our community is operated under the Affordable Housing Program, within Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code.  This program is designed to facilitate the housing needs of moderate and middle income families.  Residency at Hillside Place Apartments requires that applicants meet certain qualifying standards established by the government and the Managing Agent.  This program is not connected with Section 8, although applicants with Section 8 vouchers or certificates may apply for residency.

Residency at Hillside Place Apartments is limited to those households having moderate incomes.  In addition to standard wages, income includes monies received from many sources such as alimony, child support, pensions, and social security.  The maximum allowable incomes (by household size) are as follows:

Household Size                    Maximum Allowable Income (2023)              Minimum Income Guidelines

1                                                           $34,140                                             $12,000

2                                                           $39,000                                           $16,000

Minimum income requirements are based upon the size of the household and the size of the apartment.  Minimum income requirements may be waived under certain circumstances such as the ability to provide a higher security deposit or to obtain a cosigner for the lease.  Maximum occupancy limits at Hillside Place Apartments are set at two people per bedroom.  The Head of Household must be age 55 or older.

All information on income provided by applicants must be verified before occupancy.  This qualification and certification process must also be completed annually upon renewal.  In addition to standard wages, income includes monies received from many sources such as alimony, child support, social security, pensions, and AFDC.  A complete definition of income is available for inspection upon request.

The rents at Hillside Place Apartments are controlled by regulation.  Currently, the maximum allowable monthly rents by bedroom are:

Patio off Community Room
Patio off Community Room

1 Bedroom                                  $434

2 Bedroom                                  $558

Rent includes heat and hot water.

The allowable rent is subject to change annually and is based upon median incomes as determined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and estimated utility expenses which you will be required to pay directly to the utility company.  The estimated additional utility costs are $35/month for electricity.

The security deposit for an apartment of one month’s rent is payable when application is approved.   One dog or cat under 20 lbs is permitted with the payment of an additional $100.00 security deposit.

Handicap adapted units are available